There are a variety of montages to choose from and each it unique for your occasion.  Whether you want a video montage, a photo montage, or both we can provide a video that will reflect your personality that you can show generations to come.

Baby's First Video

This is a great way to show the first precious days of your child's life.  Many hospitals nowadays are taking professional pictures of your baby in the first few days, so why not put that into a memorable video that you can treasure and show your child when they grow up? Your family won't regret it!


Whether it be your nephews 5th birthday or your grandfather's 80th birthday, a video is a gift. 

This is a great gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles to give.  It is a treasure for both parents and children.  Parents love to see their kids grow before their eyes, and children love to see themselves on TV! 


Videos are a great gift to give your parents on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. Gather pictures of when they met, their wedding, the births of their children.  Let everyone see how they fell in love with each other, and how they keep that love alive!


Graduation parties are a great time to show pictures of your graduate growing up! Show all their friends and family how proud you are of them by letting them see pictures of the graduate throughout the years. 


Although this is a difficult time for a family, a video shown at a funeral of the person's life can help loved ones CELEBRATE the LIFE that has passed.

Corporate Events

Whatever your company may do, let us help you get your name out there! Maybe you need a video to help with a fundraiser or bring awareness about a cause at a banquet or gathering.  


Show your kids a video that represents highlights from a field trip, end of the year party or dance.  Clubs or sports teams, help kids get involved in extra curricular activities by showing what students have to look forward to!


Show highlights from a youth event or a weekend retreat.  Welcome the incoming freshman with a video showing what they  have to look forward to the following years!

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